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Miraflores Fractional 15


Miraflores have enhanced the concept of combining fractional property ownership with vacation ownership. It is a unique form of second home property ownership that is revolutionising the holiday property market both in the USA and now in Europe.

Miraflores Fractional provides you with the physical fractional ownership (from one week or more) of a Miraflores quality property, completely decorated and fully equipped with all the required amenities. By becoming a member you will benefit and take advantage of both the capital appreciation of your investment in a real estate, as well as the enjoyment of annual quality and flexible holidays together with personalised services for you and your family.

Miraflores Fractional presents affordable choice of membership. You purchase only the fractional percentage that suits the personal holiday needs for you and your family.

Miraflores Fractional offers you and your family not only the financial safety as a fractional property owner of a Miraflores Apartment, but also the enjoyment and unique benefits as follows:

  • Each time you holiday you can chose from an ample selection of Miraflores holiday accommodation sizes to suit your needs.
  • Your fractional ownership also gives you access to world-wide holiday destinations at more than 5000 resorts in over 100 countries, as well as major savings on travel, hotels and theme parks. It also give you access to hundreds of low cost quality cruises. All these are at fantastic value, whilst you are an owner at Miraflores.
  • There are no limits to the amount of low cost holidays you and your family can use each year. You may take your holidays at any time of year, subject to availability.
  • Following the 15 years term of Fractional Ownership, the Miraflores Fractional Apartment will be sold on the freehold market thereafter, and the net income - less 5% administration fee - will de distributed in proportion amongst the owners of "Miraflores Fractional 15"

For further details and viewing, please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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