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About Miraflores

The Miraflores resort was founded in 1981 by the renowned developer and builder Mr. Ole Sigurdsson, pioneer in promoting innovative resort designs together with modern facilities.

Since its founding, Miraflores has gained an exemplary reputation as a leader in resort development, offering exceptional value with the highest level of professional development and resort management expertise.

The name 'Miraflores' was derived from the words 'MIRA' and 'FLORES' meaning 'Look' at the 'Flowers'. These words are reflected throughout the resort where the most outstanding features are the landscaped sub-tropical gardens, streams, waterfalls and over 20 swimming pools, all culminating in a magnificent complex where one can relax and fully enjoy the exotic surroundings.

The Miraflores professional team have their on-site offices in the prestigious building CENTRO MIRAFLORES and continue today to offer both guest services as well as promoting Freehold properties and the Members programme of the Miraflores Vacation Club. The entire Miraflores team is at your disposal to ensure that you and your family will have a pleasant and memorable stay in Southern Spain.



Ctra. Cadiz km 199, 29649 Mijas Costa, Spain
•Tel: (+34) 952 93 0102
•Fax: (+34) 952 93 4001
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