The Miraflores Management and staff wish you and your family happy summer holidays.

In this newsletter we wish to provide you with updated information as well as other important details. Should you wish any further clarification, we shall gladly be at your disposal.

Borj NewsletterBorj Miraflores construction is moving rapidly towards completion. The photos on the following pages show the construction progress and some of the finishing details.

Borj Miraflores homeowners can now start planning the furniture and décor for their apartment. In Tangier there are numerous shops and showrooms for you to make your choice. We would be pleased to provide you with a list of shops and showrooms.

However, if you wish to be relieved from much of the time consuming task of looking around as well as the language barrier for some of our owners, Miraflores Group client service department can offer you a personalized furniture and décor service.

Should you wish to make use of this service, please contact Miss Siham Mettori at our site office at Borj Miraflores by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will arrange and coordinate your requests with our designer.

Our designer will work with you and make the necessary plan layouts and cost proposals for your decision. Furthermore, what is of utmost importance, our designer will be onsite during the whole process of delivery and installation work and ensure that all is carried out to your specifications.


mainfacade boulevard facade-detail interior finishing
kitchen cabinet worktop door detail

The purchase price of your apartment include the full installation of the airconditioning of the quality brand "DAIKIN" in your living room, while your bedrooms have a pre-installation of the air-condition system (ducting only).
The full installation included in your living room, will provide you with both
cool air and warm air so no other heaters are needed. The compressor is installed
on the roof of the building while the blower is installed in the false ceiling of your bathroom.
We are now pleased to present you with an offer to complete the pre-installed airconditioning
in your bedrooms to full installation. By having this preinstallation completed, it will provide
you the same cool-air/hot-air comfort as your living room.
Each air-conditioned room will have its own thermostat so that you can set the
room temperatures independently to suit your personal choice.
If you up-grade now during the construction work the pre-installation in your bedrooms to full installation, it will not only be less expensive for you, but you will also have the guarantee of the main contractor, while avoiding the inconvenience and mess if this installation is done
after your apartment is finished.

Should you therefore wish to have Miraflores complete during construction the pre-installation of the airconditioning units in your bedrooms, we kindly ask you to return to us the enclosed AIR CONDITIONING ORDER
FORM as soon as possible, but no later than 20th of September 2009,
at which time the planning for the purchase of the units and installation
will be finalized.
To assure that your instruction reach us as soon as possible, we recommend that you forward the enclosed form by fax to:
+212 (0)539 32 4022
Or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Thank You.

The common areas for the apartments of Borj Miraflores include entrance reception exclusive for the private residents, two spacious high-quality passenger elevators of the brand SCHINDLER, wide entrance corridors with marble flooring, two safety stairways, as well as rest room and facilities for the community concierge personnel.
Borj Miraflores residents will furthermore have easy access to a Refuse Chute at each floor, providing a comfortable and hygienic manner for the daily disposal of domestic refuse. The vertical Chute leads to large containers located in a special communal refuse area on the ground floor.
The offices and businesses on the first and second floor at Borj Miraflores have a separate entrance reception. From this reception these premises can be accessed by a separate elevator and stairway leading to the corridors of each floor. Consequently, the business section and residential apartments of Borj Miraflores have their independent common areas, providing the required privacy for each.

borj floorplan

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