Children of Miraflores
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The Children of Miraflores

Our goal is to help children break the cycle of poverty and achieve dignity and become self-sufficient contributing members of their society. The Children of Miraflores programme includes building of desperately needed classrooms and provide free educational materials to children at the RGAAE SCHOOL, located in the disadvantaged neighbourhood of Bni Makkada, Tangier, Morocco.


Children inagurationThe Children of Miraflores programme is based on the proverb - " If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach a man to fish, he feeds himself for a lifetime" - The Children of Miraflores' objective is to help children break the cycle of poverty and achieve dignity and become self-sufficient contributing members of the society. The Children of Miraflores firmly acknowledges that education is critical to achieve this progression. Every economic, social and health issue can be improved by the provision of education. The Children of Miraflores believes that child education is essential in building character and a lasting positive self-image while learning the importance of caring and sharing. Basic academic education is the principal route for a young adult to become a responsible parent and a participating member of the society, thus providing important values to its progress and social welfare.


By recommendation of the local department of the Ministry of Education of Morocco, the support programme of The Children of Miraflores is the improving of existing educational facilities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Tangier, Morocco. The Children of Miraflores wishes furthermore to organize the collection of funds from friends, business associates as well as the general public to provide school materials and school books for as many children as possible each year. During 2008/09, being its first year of activity, The Children of Miraflores has already built, completed and delivered two additional classrooms to the existing RGAAE education centre, located in an underprivileged quarter of Tangier, and thanks to kind donations, provided complete school books and education material to 200 children.


children classThe RGAAE school is located in the district of Bni Makkada, Tangier, being the location of the first project of The Children of Miraflores. The RGAAE School provides basic quality national education to over 1000 children from the age of 6 years to 16 years. The Children of Miraflores programme is to continue with their support and on-going plan of building further desperately needed classrooms at the RGAAE school and to improve its insufficient infrastructure as well as provide yearly school books for over 500 children.


The Children of Miraflores gratefully accepts your caring support and donations in helping us make a difference in the lives of children.

We want to share our success with you

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